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Minibus Hire Rochdale

When you contact Minibus Hire Rochdale for exclusive minibus with driver packages, we put our best foot forward. We have over 10 years of serving the ground transport industry in the area. We have earned a reputation that we intend to guard. Our operational policy is guided by our commitment to customer satisfaction. Every time you call, we answer your queries responsively. We have customer agents who ensure that your group finds the perfect 10 seater or 16 seater minibuses without much ado.

Rochdale is in the greater London area and it the home of the coop movement. There is a lot to see and do. The Hollingworth Lake is a popular destination, and so is the Rochdale Pioneers Museum. Other places of interest are East Lancashire Steam Railway, Rochdale Cenotaph, and the Rochdale canal.

Our benefits

Choosing  the luxury 12 seat minibus models in Ashton-under-lyne and Manchester comes with its advantages. We take out the stress associated with riding in a group in public buses or cabs. With us, your group travels in one piece. You no longer have to wait for other members to move to the next destination. Other benefits we offer include:

No designated driver

Whether you are a local or a foreign group, we ensure that you focus on what brought you to Rochdale. We never ask you to designate one of you or hire an additional driver. We have chauffeurs who drive you through tricky traffic. We provide knowledgeable chauffeurs who act as tour guides in Greenfield  and Prestwich.

Work on the go

Instead of waiting  to get to the conference venue, we provide 14 seater minibuses with office like ambience. You can work on the go. We provide foldable tables that can be used as work desks. The Wi-Fi on board is handy, if you have to send emails prior to the big appointment. All this time, the tinted or curtained windows offer the privacy you need.

Better than Typical Taxis

If you want to move from point A to B in Rochdale, we ensure you do so in utmost luxury and comfort. Our top of the range minibus models are built to offer VIP style services. We provide vehicles that guarantee total relaxation even if it’s a long drive from Whitefield or Rawtenstall. Don’t hire average taxis when we have the sophistication you need on the go.

Top notch drivers

The driver we assign for your one day or long term travel comes with top qualifications and skills. These drivers have been on the roads for over 10 years. They carry clean driving records without a single traffic citation. We train them to matters of traffic, safety and first aid skills. Our chauffeurs have been vetted and their background verified to be crime and drug free. We want you to know that you are in good hands anywhere in Heywood, Royton and Oldham. If you forget or lose your valuables, we track you and hand them back.

Competitive rates

Our competitive rates make us stand out from dishonest operators who are out to swindle new or unsuspecting customers. We offer hefty price cuts, and we encourage your group to cost share. Our instant quotes are handy when you want to budget for your trip. In Droylsden, we explain every aspect of our billing, and we never slap you with hidden fees.

Expansive luggage compartments

If your group has volumes of luggage, we are always ready. Every 8 seat or 18 seater minibus comes with expansive compartments for your stuff. These vehicles perform exceptionally despite the heavy tonnage they haul across Radcliffe and Ripponden. We provide extra space in our rooftop and trailer carriers without overcharging for them. Your fragile items are safe and so are your valuables.

Serviced minibuses

If you are worried about safety, we provide 12 seat minibuses with a clean bill of health. Our mechanical engineers spend hours to ensure every vehicle is fit to go. We have proof of inspection and our vehicles are insured. In  Middleton, Bury and Failsworth, we fit every bus with VOSA-preferred features and gadgets. Our 3-point seatbelts, airbags, speed limiters consolidate your safety. If you’re ever stranded, we ensure that the roadside assistance units get you back on the road fast. Contact us.

Areas Covered


There comes a time when you need to transport a huge group. This venture can be very expensive and troublesome if you do not have a reliable means of transporting the people. You might end up wasting a lot of time in the transport to the extent that you don't find time to do some things that took you to Rochdale. It is important to be very cautious when choosing a transport method to ensure that you do not waste a lot of time and resources on the wrong one.

To ensure that we provide the best Rochdale minibus for you, there are several measures in place that make sure that all the minibuses are in their best operating conditions. The measures are what have made many people find our services reliable since they know that any Rochdale minibus that they shall get here is going to fully meet their demands. Some of the measures include the regular checks by our technicians to make sure that any defect that occurs in the vehicles is corrected before being given to the next customers.  This will make that whichever Rochdale minibus that you get; will be in the best operating condition.

The other thing that we do ensure that our minibuses do not experience breakdowns on the road during trips is purchasing the vehicles from leading vehicle manufacturers. We know that if we get the vehicles from these manufacturers, the vehicles will have a good performance on the road and if they are well maintained they will have fewer break down incidents. The vehicles from top manufacturers also come with top brand names that will earn you some respect just by being seen in one of them so if you need to go to a function where you need to make a good first impression, do not hesitate to take our minibus hire services.

Another aspect of our services that makes us to be the preferred choice is the cost of our services. Despite the fact that our services are given with the highest quality, the services are given at very affordable prices. We are among the few minibus hire companies in Rochdale that will give minibus hire services with a very high quality. Our cheap services make minibus hire in Rochdale available to everyone, even those people who are operating on a limited budget.

To make sure that the cheap services are useful and relevant to you, we are very keen to make sure that we do not let the vehicles in our fleet to become old and out dated. We know that older vehicles tend to have more problems and we ensure that we dispose the vehicles after they have been in use for a number of years as it is deemed necessary by our engineers. This ensures that the Rochdale minibus that you select is going to give you services that are going to meet and exceed your expectations.

We have also availed a variety of services in which our clients can choose from. This ensures services that are going to meet all the minibus hire needs. If you want to do the driving, you can choose to go for our self drive minibus hire or you can go for the minibus hire with driver in Rochdale. Irrespective of whether you want the self drive minibus hire or minibus hire with a driver, Minibus Hire Rochdale is devoted to ensuring that you get the best that there is in the market. The minibus hire with driver in Rochdale is very ideal for foreign visitors who have never been in Rochdale before. This is because the driver that we shall offer will help you choose on the most appropriate route to use to get to your destination because they have been in the field for many years and therefore they have been able to know many routes that can help you to easily get to your destination.

Our vehicles are fitted with improvements that make them ideal for recreational trips in Rochdale. Some of the improvements are such like drink coolers for storing your drinks as you travel, modern entertainment systems, comfortable seats as well as sliding roofs that help in sight seeing trips hence you will be able to stay refreshed, entertained and comfortable all through the trip in Rochdale. Our representatives are very friendly hence they will be able to help you choose the best services depending on your needs so don't hesitate to gen in touch by calling us whenever you need minibus hire services and we will respond to you promptly.

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